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Klippan Kiss 2 Plus .

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Klippan Kiss 2 plus : features and more...

Klippan Kiss 2 plus : features and more...

New features of klippan kiss 2 plus !

Safer, more comfortable, and always functional

New Kiss Klippan 2 Plus! Available to 15/11

The new features of klippan Kiss 2 plus

Comfort and safety:

The seat structure remains the same, because this seat is proven and has no need for modifications on that side! VTI approval more test Approved!
Kiss 2 will be even more effective thanks to the padding in the form of memory foam that now completely covers the seat, this will make it more comfortable and safe seat. In addition to the increased longevity of the full protection of the hull Kiss 2 Plus, this material reduces the unavoidable vibrations that occur when the vehicle is running and provides increased protection against shocks.
Baby yet least noticed the car's movements for still more happy parents !!


Kiss 2 was homogenized more on its design, thanks to the unification of colors of the structure. This also understand a protective leatherette bow on kickback bar.
In addition, the textile also changes, now it is softer and more pleasant to the touch.
- Approvals and VTI stickers will now be more visible than before

Features :

reducing underwent a facelift. Now you cover the harness are attached to the back gear facilitating the establishment of two coverest harness so that they always located in the right place for even more security ..

We remind you that all our products have a lifespan of 10 years.

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