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What you need to know about the chest clip!

What you need to know about the chest clip!

Everyone knows this accessory which prevent your kid from escaping his harness. This chest clip is not mandatory and luckily …


The studies showed that this little clip is not flawless. Indeed, it could intensify the charge on your child in case of a collision.

Be aware that during a collision at 50 km/h, the charge exercised on our body is 30 or even 60 times more important than usually. For a 20 kg kid it is as if he weighted between 600 kg and 1,2 tonnes!

The chest clip is located on the sternum and crash tests showed that this part is extremely fragile.

Plus the European R44 norm suggests that the kid must be removed from the seat in only one move in case of emergency, but this is not the only reason why we are against the chest clip.

-But if it’s that dangerous, why is it still legal? 

Simply because you can still use it in a stroller in which you should not speed more that 20km/h! Plus the accessories are not subject to the norms. 

The key factors to remember :

  • Unlike an adult, a toddler’s rib cage is just soft cartilage, offering no protection to the internal organs and tissue
  • At just 40 km/h, a collision can generate huge loads
  • During crash testing, manufacturers observed chest deflection further down the thoracic cavity. 

-So what should I do to prevent my child from escaping his seat?

5 point plus launched this anti escape system which is very easy to place and very safe.

You just need to put it in the seat, it will place on the back of your child and will keep the harness at the right position without creating any load on his chest. 

If there is a crash, the load will be located on the shoulders, hips and the pelvis bones, the solid parts, and this will save your child!

This system is compatible with any 5 point harness seat (Kiss 2, Triofix, Takata Midi,etc.)

Together we can help improve our children’s security on the road!



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