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Klippan Triofix Recline Car Seat, Group 1/2/3

Klippan Triofix Recline child car seat, from 9 up to 36 kg, rear facing (up to 18 kg), available in 6 colors

Usage :

The Klippan Triofix Recline is a seat that can be used rear facing, for group 1, and then forward facing, for groups 2 and 3. According to the R44/04 standard, up to 9 kg, a child must travel rear-facing.The Triofix Recline makes it possible to extend this rear facing use until the child reaches 18 kg. The purpose of this extended use is to guarantee perfect protection in the event of a collision. In the event of a frontal impact in an accident, the child's body is pushed to the bottom of the seat instead of being propelled forward. This protects the sensitive areas that become stronger from the age of 4 (head, neck and spine).

Period of use: from 9 kg or 60 cm up to 36 kg or 125 cm (from 6 months to 10 years approx.)

Group : 1/2/3

Different position choices available :

- Rear facing with the child maintained by the 5-point harness and the base installed with Isofix anchorage or with the 3-point belt of the vehicle, from 9 up to 18 kg.

- Forward facing with the child maintained by the 5-point harness and the base installed with Isofix anchorage or the 3-point belt of the vehicle, from 15 months minimum.

- Forward facing with the child maintained by the 3-point belt of the vehicle and the base installed with Isofix anchorage, from 15 up to 25 kg.

- Forward facing with the child maintained by the 3-point belt of the vehicle and used as booster seat, from 15 up to 36 kg.

Strengths :

The angle of inclination of the Triofix Recline is one of its advantages. The seat has a "standard" position and a "comfort" position that allows a 10° recline angle. This inclination is adjustable with a tube located at the bottom of the car seat. It will allow your child to travel comfortably over long distances and thus facilitate his sleep in the car. In addition, thanks to the recline, your child's head will not fall off while sleeping.

The fabrics of the Triofix are hypoallergenic. They do not contain any components that could cause allergies or itching on your child.

The Triofix is the most compact car seat on the market. It can be installed in many car models, even small ones. An important asset, since the Triofix Recline meets the 2018 I-Size standard and allows children to travel rear facing for the longest time.

Comfort and safety :

It benefits from the "Kiss Side Protection" system, which improves absorption in case of side or frontal impact and better protects your child during a possible impact.

The Triofix Recline is equipped with an integrated headrest adjustable to three different positions.

It is equipped with a 5-point safety harness, easily adjustable according to the morphology of the baby or child, which maximizes the firmness of the attachment and distributes the shock in case of impact.

Car seats Standards and certifications :

- Approved according to the standard (European approval ECE R44/04)

- Designed according to the I-Size 2018 standard

- Awarded product at the Swedish Barnochbaby show, thanks to the creation of a base that can be used for two car seats (Dinofix and Triofix)

Installation :

The Triofix Recline has a very simple installation as its base is itself very easy to install in a vehicle.

Installation with Isofix base : after unfolding the load leg, place the base on your seat and clip the two Isofix parts of the base to the two Isofix anchor points of the car. Then, adjust the load leg so that it is well wedged on the floor of your car.

Installation with belted base : after unfolding the load leg, place the base on your seat and pull the belt through the two blue clips. Attach the 3-point belt and pull tight. Come back with the top part of the belt and pass it through the blue clips again. When this is done, close the left clip so the belt is secure. Next, adjust the load leg so that it is secure on the floor of the car.

Installation sans la base (face route uniquement): après avoir positionné le siège auto correctement contre le siège de votre véhicule, faites passer la ceinture de sécurité 3 points dans les guides prévus à cette effet.

Technical specifications :

Weight: 8.75 kg

Seat length: 630 to 710 mm (depending on the inclination)

Width: 440 mm

Height: 600 to 680 mm (depending on headrest adjustment)

Seat entirely removable and washable at 30°.

Garantie constructeur : 1 an

Manufacturer's warranty: 2 year

The Klippan Triofix Recline is available in 6 colors :

- Sport(black interior and contour and grey interior ends)

- Freestyle(black contour and interior with grey stitching)

- Black Orange(black contour and interior, orange stitching and gray interior ends)

- Sunset(black outline and interior with red interior trim)

- Match Race(dark grey outline and interior with light grey interior trim)

- Hercules(brown outline and interior with gray stitching)

Child's ageÉvolutif de bébé à enfant (9 mois à 10 ans)
Child's weightFrom 9kg to 36kg road side
Child's height
Car seat's weight11kg
GroupGroup 1/2/3
Child's attachment5-point harness then belt
Baby reducer cushion includedYes
Adjustable heightYes
Carrying handleNo
Compatible with a strollerNo
Seat with removable coverYes
Washable coverYes
Installation du siège auto
Seat orientationRear facing and road side
Installation with an Isofix baseNo
Isofix fixationYes (Isofix + load leg)
Fixation with beltYes
Fixing of the seatBelted only
European approvalR44/04
Independent crash test
Year of the crash test
Width440 mm
Depth630 to 710mm

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