l'ours babylor

our philosophy

Babylor is a company specialized in the distribution of juvenile products and related products founded in 2013.

Our collaboration with our brands is not limited to playing the commercial contact but to evolve the products, to establish approvals, manuals of use, to ensure their communication on our territories, and to promote the choice of the difference.

At Babylor, you will find unique and qualitative products, which bring a plus to each of us: Parents, Grandparents, Family, Friends ...

We bend over backwards for our customers and partners, and we hope that through this site you will be able to discover our products as we live them every day. All children are different, just like our products!

L'ours en chef 

Frédéric Golabecki

Discover The New Brand

Casting by Babylor Bear!

We made the choice to question the existing products and the way of thinking the movements of the children.

This has led us very far to be able to offer you unique products in Europe today!

Like a great adventurer, we crossed the Atlantic, crossed the Pyrenees, got acquainted with Vikings and learned to live the cool to bring you what is best for your children.

The babylor bear: what a discoverer of talents!