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Axkid, Swedish know-how at the service of safety!

Swedish know-how

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Axkid was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2009 on a culture deeply rooted in Swedish engineering and combined with a great concern for safety and a constant passion for children's right to safety. Axkid is a company that combines competence and commitment. Their desire to find new ways of doing things and the courage to challenge the current situation has always differentiated them. Axkid offers products that provide maximum safety and they recommend putting children back to the road as long as possible.

Standards and security

Axkid wants to set new, higher standards for children's road safety, whether it means unique functions, technical solutions or greater comfort for both adults and children. Improved standards and greater awareness can save lives. Their solution is to get kids back to the road as long as possible. Axkid never compromises and they never skimp on security.

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